Neo Moreno

Videographer, Photographer & Artistic Director

WAAM Licensee
France & Sydney

Current Location: Sydney, Australia.

A little bit about Neo...

Q  How did you get into videography?
A  Childhood hobby turned into profession. My mum always jokes that first word out of my mouth was “Camera” haha. Jokes aside, I really can’t remember the initial stages; only thing I remember is that I’ve always had a camera everywhere I went.

Q  How much of your time does it take up?
A  I don’t have a fixed time or anything but I just love what I do because it absolutely consumes me. I want to do something that completely consumes me.  I live it, breathe it, and eat it. I’ve always been this way.

Q  How long has it been that way?
I’ve been in the business since 2005 but I’ve been involved with videography ever since I can remember.

Q  Favourite location to film:
A  I live in Sydney for the most part but I have assignments everywhere in the world especially Europe so I travel a lot. I love shooting in Sydney because it has just the right mix of culture & urban lifestyle and there’s always a tonne of different kinds of work available. I spend a lot of time in Europe as well and love shooting there too.


Q  Your personal favourite video so far?
A  WAAM Licensing Series ;) 

Q  Favourite Equipment:
A  Cannon 5D, C300

Q Your Inspirations:
A  Dance Videos. There’s beauty and grace in dancing that just cannot be described in words, you have to see it to believe it or CAPTURE IT. I think it brings it out in my work as well because I’m always getting told how my videos are graceful and really beautiful. I don’t really try and think about it that way because to me I need to stay grounded to bring out the best in my work.

Q  Plans for this year:
A  Win an Oscar for the best Social Media Video haha. No, I just want to keep doing what I am doing and keep doing it better than the last one.




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