Maria Gura

Marketing Specialist


Current Location: Sydney, Australia.

A little bit about Maria...

Q  How did you get into marketing?
A  Marketing allows me to put into practice a variety of skills and knowledge. My decision to continue education & do a Master degree with a submajor in Marketing here in Oz was a smooth transition from my own business venture back home, in Russia. Marketing is a combination of creativity, logic, generating ideas & my own vision.

Q  What does your typical day involve?
A  My days are quite varied so it keeps things interesting. Some days I am completely focussed on getting all the marketing tasks implemented while on the others I am dedicated towards market research. Between all this I do website updates, quote preparation, social media plans & updates, managing databases, preparing reports and still being able to find time to scope out business opportunities around the world.  I love this because I never get bored, there’s always something I can do.

Q  What do you love doing the most?
I like being involved in different projects and activities my  boss loves to organise. We have a variety of clients in different spheres of business, which makes things interesting & exciting every time we start a new projects.

Q  What enables you to reach your goals?
A  Total belief in my abilities & myself and associating myself with the right people. You also have to work smart and make the right choices that lead you to your goals. And be able to set up goals that resonates with your heart and not to be afraid to change the goals along the way!

Maria Photo

    Q  What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
    A  I love travelling  - it gives me the opportunity to see the different sides of life & to meet new people that can change my life. I also enjoying Kundalini yoga, cooking, and a good read.

    Q  What tips would you give to university students or recent graduates who want to pursue a career in marketing or someone who wants to set up their own business?
    A  Always have the end goal in mind and remember it’s the choices you make that determine who and what you’re going to be.  When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.

    Q What is in store for you in 2012?
    A  I am heading over to Brazil for a while and scope out some business opportunities there. This year my theme is expansion and growth so I am putting all my energy in that. Hopefully this will be as great a year as 2011.

    Q  What is one thing that you like the most about WAAM Licensing?
    A  I like the freedom and ability to travel & have time for the things I enjoy doing out of the working hours. Like I said I am heading to Brazil to scope out business there. I don’t think it would have been that easy a decision to make if I had just went into business on my own. It’s the flexibility that it allows me to really pursue my dreams and making them into a reality all the while staying my own boss.



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